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ride on the Hong Kong tram
Die vergangenen Woche war mal wieder etwas stressig und ich hatte ziemlich viel im Office zu tun, doch natürlich gab es auch einige wunderschöne Highlights, die diese anstrengende Zeit ein bisschen schöner gemacht haben. Dazu gehörte u.a. die Fahrt mit der Hong Kong Tram, eines der ältesten Verkehrsmittel in Hong Kong, mit der es einfach ganz viel Spass macht quer durch Hong Kong zu fahren!

The last week was a bit stressful again and I was very busy at the office, but there also have been some wonderful highlights that made this stressful time a little more pleasant. These included a ride on the Hong Kong Tram, one of the oldest transportations in Hong Kong, which is a lot of fun!

my boyfriend surprised me with a gift from Pandora


we visited the wine and dine festival

watched the new James Bond movie - it was great!!!

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  1. oh I would love to eat those chips <3

  2. The chips look great! I loved the new James Bond film too!

    Lea x

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  4. Cute post! Lucky to live in Hong Kong. Seems like a magical city :) thanks for stopping by my blog. Love to follow you back! Xoxo

  5. So glad to hear the James Bond movie was good. The mister and I will have to see it this weekend ;)
    xo TJ

  6. Love shopping at Causeway Bay!

  7. anda gain such a sweet post <3

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

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  8. Dying to see skyfall! Eek. One more day! Thanks for sharing, love. If you get a sec, I'm giving away a $375.00 handbag as a giant thank you. I'd love if you'd enter. xo

  9. Klar folge ich dir und freue mich schon auf viele News aus HongKong!!
    Liebe Grüße, Melly


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